Over the bank holiday weekend, Glastonferret brought a together some of the best bands for an exciting weekend of non-stop music at The Ferret in Preston. The local venue has a great atmosphere, the walls are covered in artwork and the stage is backed by the iconic neon sign, reading “The Ferret.” For this event,... Continue Reading →


Every year I look forward to Dot to Dot Festival, I always find it's a great place to discover new artists, while also watching some of my favourite emerging bands. The metropolitan festival takes place over three days, one day in Manchester, one in Bristol and the last in Nottingham. Each day taking over a... Continue Reading →


On Saturday Manchester Academy 2 saw a massive homegrown show take to its stage. The night, headlined by Glass Caves, was a huge step for the local group, who tightly packed the great venue with hundreds of excited followers. Not only that, but supporting the quartet was another two of Manchester’s finest upcoming artists Kashmereand Freeda, who were the perfect openers for the unforgettable night.


Their newest track, Gravity, was released on Friday and I was quite surprised by the song. I have followed the band for quite a while and after hearing their early indie-fueled hits develop into 80’s influenced synth pop I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the new release. Gravity is different, that was what I first noticed, it isn’t a song you dance to, and that’s always what I’ve associated Kashmere with, dance, letting your hair down. However, the slower song didn’t take long to grow on me.


The gig, on February 16, will be the biggest headline yet for Glass Caves,a four-piece band from Pontefract. The band mix fuelling riffs with experimental sounds, featuring both pop and electronic influences. Since releasing their debut album in 2014, they have adapted their classic indie sound to feature funk and soulful tones, creating a more captivating set

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