THE BIG PEACH | JIMMY’S | 25/01/2019


  The show, presented by Light My Fire Promotions, last Friday started with a bang: the raw rock of Sunday Morning Ritual, whose sound was definitely dirty and a bit imprecise but strong and loud enough, for a band whose vibe is mostly punk. With the heavy presence of the bass and the well shouted lyrics, the show was overall enjoyable and it did certainly wake up the timid crowd who just arrived to the venue. Always an interesting thing to see, the drummer and the singer/guitarist switched places for a song both doing a good job in their new roles. They left the audience wanting more, more rock, harder…

SKID ROW | O2 RITZ | 22/01/2019


Photo by Susan Fenwick

  I blame myself for not having followed the work of Skid Row in so long but let’s face it: I was expecting so much more. I knew already that the tunes post-Bach are not comparable to classic hits like I Remember You or even Slave To The Grind but I thought I wouldn’t hear much difference in their live performance from the album I played so many times when I was a teenager- and yet I did