Impeccable. That’s how I would describe Afghan Sand Gang’s performance at Night People the last Saturday night. The notes followed each other in a transition, sometimes edgy, sometimes sweeter but always mesmerizing and hypnotic. I found it hard to stay in place to take pictures. I wanted to move, swim in the air and follow... Continue Reading →

ALLUSINLOVE | JIMMY’S | 31/01/2019

Last night at Jimmy’s was charged with electricity. It was a great evening of quality alternative rock taken from very different angles. Carry The Crown, the first band on stage, provided an engaging and funny live performance. They made us sing, they made us dance, jumped with us, in constant conversation with the audience, showing... Continue Reading →

SKID ROW | O2 RITZ | 22/01/2019

I blame myself for not having followed the work of Skid Row in so long but let’s face it: I was expecting so much more. I knew already that the tunes post-Bach are not comparable to classic hits like I Remember You or even Slave To The Grind but I thought I wouldn't hear much difference in their live performance from the album I played so many times when I was a teenager- and yet I did

SHIVA MAY CARE | LOCK 91 | 17/01/19

  Last night Lock 91 was eclectic, offereing four different bands each with a specific feel. The night started quite late, with a last-minute replacement: the acoustic duo Pearl Divers opened the dances with a range varying from a 4/4 acoustic song to a bossa nova atmosphere. The duo were brave enough to bring some... Continue Reading →


The night presented by Sour Grapes Records at Big Hands was simply adorable. The atmosphere was informal and friendly and so were the guys from the label and the staff from the bar. The show started quite late, almost an hour after the doors, but nobody seemed to mind. The people were comfortable in the... Continue Reading →

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