The Hubbards Sell Out Band On The Wall | 21/02/20

Labelled as alternative indie, The Hubbards took Manchester’s legendary venue Band On The Wall by storm on Friday night. The four-piece from Hull left fans immensely pleased and newcomers delightfully surprised however most importantly, by the end of the set, everyone was craving more.

I rarely get excited for gigs anymore because I go to so many, but the buzz I felt walking into that venue brought it all back… The door at the side of the stage dramatically flew open and the band to eagerly bounced onstage along to Shalamar’s ‘A Night to Remember,’ while frontman Reuben danced and sang along to get the crowd ready for their set- as if they weren’t already.

Photo 22-02-2020, 11 20 23 pm

Throughout the whole gig, the audience’s attention never left the stage as we savoured every second of what The Hubbards had to offer.  Just Touch opened the set, a song they released in 2017, and the crowd instantly went wild dancing along to pulsating guitars and singing along to the beautifully crafted lyrics as if their own. 

No one could be left standing still, just a room full of people carefree and connected all for their love of this one band. I really felt like I was part of a family.

Further on into the set the band played their latest single Press Hard.  since it was only be released the day before the gig I wasn’t sure how the crowd would react (especially when Reuben announced this would be the first time they would have played it live).  I could tell the band were slightly uncertain too, however the audience remained full of passion and some already knew the lyrics, which reassured the band that they sounded sensational as the room applauded them, just how they did after every song.

As the set came to a close the band made it clear about how it was so unbelievable to them that they’d sold out this venue, and how humbled they felt about the turnout and support from their fans. They finished the night with one of my personal favourites Good when I’m Done, sending everyone home content, cheerful and grateful to have had been in the presence of The incredible Hubbards.  

Photos and words by Meg Crowther Lomax

Find The Hubbards on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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