Saytr Play Release Their Latest Single ‘Future’ | 21/02/20

Saytr Play always find a way to surprise me, whether it be with their energetically chaotic live shows or their ever-changing recorded sound and their latest single Future isn’t any different.

This is the third single released by the band in the past six months and from the very first note shows a different side to them.

The song begins slowly, with a subtle synth background and Fred Farrell’s melodic vocal introducing the song singing the politically fuelled lyric, “If this is what it feels like to be the future I feel so sorry for they youth, running around as the bombs hit the ground…” the song begins. It then pauses and we hear a second of silence before the music quickly restarts with bouncing beats and glittering riffs- something we all know and love Saytr Play for.zyQ3iUVI.jpeg

This song strays further away from the bands ‘indie’ roots, as their music focuses more on layering synth hooks with lively beats but also on lyrical content. This is by far the most politically motivated track of theirs, talking about conflict within the world and juxtaposing this idea with their positive and uplifting music. 

In this track, the vocal takes on a different tone too, something I noticed a little in their previous release Honest Man, but here it is more pronounced. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but after a few listens the deep yet gentle bowie-esque tone grew on me. 

With this song Saytr Play are making a statement, whether it be within their music or profound lyrics, Future seems to mark a changing point for the band and a step further in their musical maturity.

Find Saytr Play on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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