Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes at Manchester Academy | 12/02/20

A Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes gig is probably as lively as it gets, I don’t go to many gigs where the frontman spends more time in the audience that they do on stage. The crowd were singing along to every word, moving along with the energy-fuelled beats and the smell of sweat and beer-filled Manchester Academy, but in a good way- if that’s possible.

Frank Carter and his band The Rattlesnakeshad sold out Manchester Academy 1. The band take on a punk-inspired sound, with rumbling basslines, pounding drum beats and untamed riffs but instead of being fronted by a yelling vocal, Frank Carter sings with a more melodic touch while dynamically keeping the fast-paced ferocity and anger present in his voice. 


Their music is powerful, making strong statements about everything from mental health to the state of the planet and society, at one point Frank comes forwards to the crowd, encouraging a women-only mosh pit and creating a safe space for women- something that should be present at every gig.

The set was opened by why a Butterfly Can’t Love a Spider, easing into the performance with the slightly slower tempo and emotive vocal performance. The set continued with Tyrant Lizard King, picking up with a faster pace and fierce riffs. This is the first track which saw frank enter the audience, coming forward and interacting with the already sweaty room.


The set went on to feature Kitty Sucker, fan-favourite Crowbar and Devil Inside Me before ending with the instantly recognisable I Hate You, which encouraged a sing along from the crowd who chanted along with the lyrics and let the music consume the venue.

Find Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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