Kashmere Lift The Roof Off The Deaf Institute | 07/02/20

I hadn’t seen The Deaf Institute so full in a long time, but the crowd poured in last Friday to see Kashmere headline the landmark Manchester venue. 

Kashmere are today’s answer to 80’s synth-pop, combining glittering synth lines, electrifying hooks and punchy beats.

The crowd at The Deaf Institute were waiting eagerly for Kashmere. The room was very diverse, a group of teens were waiting eagerly at the foot of the stage but the rest of the room was built of people of all ages and backgrounds, men and women who were there to have a good time and watch the band themselves- not just there because their kids wanted to go to the gig.

There was excitement building in the atmosphere before the show began, the lights lowered and then the room was lit by all different colours from the on-stage lighting rig. 

The band are very colourful, everything from their single covers to their clothing pops with colour. They walked on stage, each in a bright tailored outfit reminiscent of the 80’s, matching their aesthetic to their bold music.

The Stockport-based five-piece have a captivating sound, with echoing vocals fronting the tracks and catchy pop-inspired hooks setting the mood. They merge this classic sound with modern influences to create even more energy with animated riffs and lively rhythms. 


The audience were very dedicated, singing along to every word, dancing along with every beat. Kashmere played some new, unreleased music as well as treating the room to older hits, Porcelain and Hoxton, which saw the energy in the room explode. 

For the last song of the night, Kashmere performed fan-favourite, Codeine. Frontman Joey Newey encouraged everyone to dance, with what felt like half of the room getting on each others shoulders. It was a massive party, the crowd sang along and Joey echoed it back to them… “I need you like codeine…”

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