TOYC: Turn Off Your Computer for Manchester’s Latest Club Night

Who doesn’t love a good night out? I do. But I’m not a fan of a packed-out club where they’re playing the 10th Oasis tune of the night and This Charming Man makes at least one appearance. 

Sometimes I’m at a gig in Manchester and afterwards, I just don’t want to go home, I want to go out, dance and listen to good music- its harder to find than you think.

TOYC, Or Turn Off Your Computer, is a new club night at Manchester’s Night and Day Cafe. It started last October and has been taking place every other month since. The club night plays certified bangers, from old school hits to modern-day floor fillers and sing-alongs and is only £3 entry.

TOYC’s third instalment began at 11pm on Saturday 1st February, after all the gigs had finished and this time around it was a female artist special. This means everything from Blondie to Brittany (Toxic was a special request from me as it got later into the night). 

The night focused on female artists or bands featuring female musicians, Fleetwood Mac, Madonna, Aretha Franklin but also mixed in some of your favourite male musicians in-between. 

Night and Day was bouncing all night and was full of energy. 

The Next TOYC Night is set to take place on 3rd April and will take on a funk and soul theme.

See you there.


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