Faux Pas fill Aatma With an Explosive Show | Manchester | 30/01/2020

  Faux Pas headlined Aatma last Thursday, bringing a concoction of punk and grunge-inspired tones to the stage for their progressively diverse and fiercely captivating performance.


  The first band to go on stage, Bloodhound, began with a little explosion, quickly waking up a religiously silent crowd. The melodic progressions remind me of an old Nirvana song (any song, pick one) and the tunes were generally easy to listen to. The band have clear grunge influences and some small repetitions, probably just the sign of a young band finding their voice. I liked it, it brought me a bit back in time.


  The time passes and we get ready to witness the second performance. A mosh pit comes to life. Here, we give you Brooders.
The band initially distinguish themselves as semi-metal, but with fairly intricate sequences they’re it difficult to pin down… what are they? Metal, hard rock? But then, the second song dramatically changes the atmosphere. The riffs, once again, remind me of a Nirvana song. Only the sound is more polished, more curated- although messy at times- overly complicated but almost unique.

  The audience are left excited, eager, wondering how Faux Pas are gonna play. We wait and wait and get a bit impatient… and here they are:

  Faux Pas fire up the stage after two seconds! Their sound is precise, every piece of the machine working together with the others. We jump, we shout, we sing. I try, again, to pin them down. There is, a bit, of Placebo but not too much, and a great combination of many different bands together. I’m glad to say Faux Pas don’t remind me of anyone but Faux Pas.

IMG_9686 2

  The whole place goes crazy for them and, like I’ve witnessed in bigger gigs with way more established artists, they play every song like it’s the last one of the show. It’s a remarkable quality that is so difficult to find.

  The band visibly have fun and we do too.

  I wouldn’t dare to pick a favourite song amongst the lot, but if I have to choose a symbolic tune of the night that would be That’s My Ego. And not only because it’s the last single the band released and it represents the tremendous growth they went through (although they started from a very good point), but also because it’s the song that really brings the crowd together during the show. Everybody singing and jumping to it, dancing and sweating.

  Faux Pas have a lot to give and seeing how hard they work I have no doubt that they will keep showing their value every time it is possible. Now the night is finished, I’m excited but tired, and I feel like I don’t need anything else to make my evening complete- thanks to Faux Pas.

Words by Maurina Angioni

Photography by Olivia Kenny

Find Faux Pas on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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