Delights Sell Out Manchester’s Deaf Institute | 24/01/20

  Delights are currently one of the fastest rising bands on Manchesters rich music scene. Having already gained a dedicated following the band began the new year with their biggest gig yet, a sell-out show at The Deaf Institute.

  When I arrived at the venue, the room was already full, an excited buzz present in the atmosphere. The audience were eager for Delights to walk on stage, but this didn’t stop them enjoying the opening sets from support bands, Manifesto and Monks.

  Delights have an uplifting sound, with lively riffs and jangling chords, their music makes it feel like summer, although it’s mid-January. Their sound is carried by warm baselines and fronted by glistening synth hooks with a melodic vocal, from frontman Adam Maxwell finishing off the tracks. 


  The band opened their set with their recent release Paradise, although it’s a new song and was released just before Christmas, the audience already knew the words and were moving along with the grooving baseline as soon as the track began. 

  The next song Jungle begins with fuzzing riffs before the melodic vocal takes over. The set continues with older song Cascade but goes on to treat the audience to unreleased tracks, Funk You, 1 Step Forward and Daydream.

  The band also play fan-favourites Sun Visor and Sun Lounger, continuing the summery theme and leading to a sing-along from the crowd who were bouncing along with the music.

  Before the gig came to an end, Delights performed an 80’s rework around Donna Summer’s Hot Stuff, which had the room dancing and singing along in time for the set to close with Sometime, Lately. The final track of the night provoked another sing along from the room, who held onto every lyric, echoing it back to the band who were absorbed by the music and looked to be having the rime of their life on stage.


  Nobody wanted the show to end, chanting for more songs which the band happily obliged, playing oldie Bloom to close the night.

Liv X

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