Black Country New Road Sell Out YES Manchester Twice in One Night | 22/01/20

  Combining influences from all over the musical spectrum, with jolting rhythms and fuzzing riffs that morph into jazz-infused, post-punk oddities. Black Country, New Road are a stand-out band who are quickly rising on the UK’s underground music scene.

  The band have a wealth of musical talent and are built of six members playing the violin, saxophone, keys, drums, bass and guitar as well as a punchy vocal which appears in most tracks- but this band really are all about the music.

After quickly selling out their first show at Manchesters  YES, in the Pink Room, the London-based band added a second show later that night in the venues more intimate basement.

  An excited buzz filled the atmosphere before the band arrived on stage for the first performance of the evening and there was growing anticipation within the audience. The stage was dimly lit when Black Country, New Road appeared, their silhouettes could be seen through a screen of smoke as a hazy light lit the busy venue.


  The show began with an extended introduction, which consumed the venue. The band played for over an hour, each warped melody merged into the next and the explosively dynamic sound effortlessly captivated the crowd for the whole set, leaving sweaty fans wanting more.

 Black Country, New Road only have three tracks available online, but with the audience’s eager response, you’d think they were a band who had been established for decades.


  Their first performance had ended, but Black Country, New Road soon arrived in the basement of YES.   Some fans were lucky, having bought a ticket to the second sold out gig of the night, which was happening downstairs less than an hour later.

  The basement of the venue is much more intimate than the upstairs pink room, with low ceilings and a smaller stage, allowing the crowd to get as close to the band as possible.

  Again, a cloud of smoke absorbed the room before Black Country, New Road began their set. This performance was slightly different from the first, it was slightly sweatier and more personal, with the group using it as an opportunity to showcase their true musical ability. Black Country, New Road performed several of their tracks, extending the instrumentals and improvising much of the set and debuting some new sounds.

Even more energy was generated during the performance, as the group fully immersed themselves into the music and the audience followed suit, moving non-stop for the whole show. The band lost control to the music, the audience bouncing around the small room, crowd surfing and letting the songs devour the room.

  Nobody wanted the show to end, and when it did I wanted to see the band again. Next time bring them for gigs three, maybe?

Liv X

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