If you’ve never heard of Saytr Play before, where the hell have you been? Satyr Play are a feisty five-piece from Manchester, pioneering a pop-inspired genre different to anything else and their prodigious new single Honest Man certainly proves this. They always have had the nack to grab people’s attention and never let go, in a very diverse way you are invited into the wonderful world of Saytr play.


Honest Man instantly throws you in with an immensely catchy riff you cannot refuse, with boisterous guitars by Jamie Vere & Juanan Garcia, banging basslines by Daniel Crowther and pounding drum beats by Thomas Castrey, you can clearly hear the playful, exciting momentum erupted into this song. Soon to be further graced with the charming vocals of Fred Farrel and his immaculate way of possessing your ears and thoughts whether at a live show or through earphones on the way home from work, either way it is impossible to be disillusioned. With Fred’s sentimental lyrics and the bands clear passion for music the chorus is built up to be memorable and indeed it is., proclaiming how appreciated the fans are by the band when sang with such honesty ‘if you share my name, I’ll never let you down again’. 

The song then slips into a heartfelt spill of rawness and expression as tempo is turned down a notch seeping with sentimental meaning and importance of this beautifully crafted anthem. You are soon transferred back into the whirlwind of the upbeat however still meaningful tune similar to the chorus however further extended into nostalgia with even more intensity and spirit. 

Honest Man will be released on the 22nd November 2019, for you to listen to your heart’s content and understand how favourable this bewitching song is.

Capture the insanity of Saytr Play at one of their upcoming live dates: do Not Miss Out.

Tour Artwork.jpg

Meg Crowther Lomax x

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