The Slow Readers Club are an electronic indie rock band from Manchester. They currently have three studio albums, and on Friday they released a brand new live album: Live At 02 Apollo Manchester. This gig was very special to The Slow Readers Club, Manchester is their hometown and The Apollo is the 2nd largest music-based venue in the city. The venue itself contains space for up to 3,500 people and it was completely sold out. Seeing as the band had only recently released their third album, selling out a venue of this capacity was a huge achievement. For a Manchester-based band to have such a wide following, stretching from America to the UK and all the way to Eastern Asia, and in such a small amount of years, from being nearly unheard of to filling out The O2 Apollo, is something that most bands could only dream of.

The album begins with thunderous applause and footballesque chants of the word ‘Readers,’ The band’s nickname for fans. Lunatic, the first song played is met with roaring fans singing along to every word. The synth notes echo throughout the venue. During the chorus, almost every fan raises their hand in a way that mirrors the actions of the lead singer, Aaron Starkie. The second song, named Fool For your Philosophy, starts, once again with heavy synths, and the repetition of words from their ever-loving fans. It seems to be that at the end of each song, the ‘Readers’ chant can be heard throughout the entire venue. The third song, Supernatural, is from their most recent album, named Build A Tower. With its complex lyrics, it has become an instant classic for all fans. Sirens, is the next song, an instant classic from the self-titled first album. Followed in succession by the songs Never Said I Was The Only One, Start Again, and Through The Shadows, which was the name of the pre-release tour.


You Opened Up My Heart plays next, a song from the most recent album, about opening up to loved one. The song gets one of the best reactions from the crowd. The ending of the song flows right into the next tune with Plant The Seed. The next few songs are made up of Lost Boys, a rarely played song, Not Afraid Of The Dark and Cavalcade, the title track from the band’s second album. Block Out The Sun, is the next song to play, and it is met with some of the most heartfelt reactions, with its slow start fantastic finish. The next few songs are Feet On Fire, a song in which the lead singer, Aaron, stomps his feet in a dance which has come to be known as ‘The Starkie Stomp’, Forever In Your Debt, and Lost In Your Gaze. The last two songs are I Saw A Ghost, a radio favorite, and On The TV, which is usually approximately three minutes long, but, as it was a live show, the song continued for an extra three minutes, with the fans chanting the main melody. The show finishes with the ‘Readers’ chant and a speech from the bassist Jim.

Overall, this was a great album which fully encapsulates the raw emotion portrayed by everyone inside The O2 Apollo.

Owen Meikle-Williams

After All Festival

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