A name like The Murder Capital brings along with it some expectations, you expect a band with that name to be aggressive, heavy and in your face, just the word “murder” creates this image, but in actuality this band, although showing a more intense side at times, are more thought-provoking, meaningful and dynamic.

On Friday night the band came to the Pink Room at YES for a sold-out gig, the room was busy and there was a buzz in the room as the audience waited for the band to begin. The Murder Capital opened with “Slowdance I,” going straight into “Slowdance II,” beginning with ominous tones that vibrated through the venue. The band layer a variety of sounds over each other, coupling mellow rhythms with dark tones, while the eerily soft vocal drew in the audience. 


“On Twisted Ground” was the next song performed, continuing the delicate, somber tones, before “Love, Love, Love” brought forward the post-punk side of the band, beginning with short, punchy beats and a wailing guitar, the vocal further continues a sinister tone as the dynamic track builds to a fiercely explosive crescendo at the middle of the song, consuming the venue before slowing down again and coming to a gradual end.

The audience were hooked, gathered around the stage, as close to the band as they could be, they allowed the music to captivate the room, letting it take over.

The livelier tones continued with “Green & Blue” and “For Everything.” The set was lifted to a higher level by “More Is Less,” this track saw the audience fully immersed in the performance, mirrored by the band who were absorbed by a fierce energy. Frontman, James McGovern came forward, and involved the crowd before joining them and crowd-surfing during the final anthem track “Feeling Fades.”


All of the tracks performed by the band featured on their praised debut album, “When I Have Feels,” released earlier this year and you will be able to see them during their upcoming UK and EU tour in 2020.

Liv X

This review was originally written for SJM Discover: read article here.


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