THE BRIGHT BLACK: A Manchester band ready to make an impact | SEROTONIN OUT 23/10/19 | SINGLE REVIEW

Self-proclaimed ‘ugly ducklings of indie,The Bright Black incorporate funk beats that urge you to move your feet and are a band to keep your eyes peeled for in the future. These guys stray away from that generic bass and vocals sound, creating a hybrid that is an easy listen.

The band are set to release their new single Serotonin, which will be available for your ears on the 23rd of October, 2019. Produced by Sugar House, the track is their fourth release with an exciting new direction. In the run-up to this release, they’ve announced a handful of shows in Manchester and surrounding areas, including a show at Off the Square next month. 

The track starts with a burst of electronic guitar strums. The catchy title Serotonin opens the song and creates a memorable chorus that people can sing along to. Pushing the boundaries of gender through music, the track is relevant and reflects society’s changing perception of identity and gender. 


Serotonin is a new experimental sound for The Bright Black. On first listen, the track typically aims to get you dancing. The funk jam is a lot lighter than what the band are used to. But it works! A fun, fresh listen with relevant lyrics that push the boundaries of gender and masculinity. Making the track appealing to all audiences. 

Despite a shift in sound, the band have kept their cultural, clever lyrics and infectious beat. Their career rocketed in 2018 and they are already selling out shows in some of Manchester’s most renowned music hot spots. As well as touring with the likes of The Fratelli’s and YUNGBLOOD. Both who have created cult classic bangers in the indie scene.

You do not want to miss the rise of The Bright Black, catch them at Off The Square, Manchester on 23/11/19.


Words By Fay Toulios

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