It’s difficult to sum up a band like Husky Loops, they merge together multiple genres within their music: sampling, electronic elements, aspects of rock, pop and hip-hop with a mixture probably every other genre you can think of. After releasing their debut album, I Can’t Even Speak English, just over a month ago, the band kicked off their tour at Jimmy’s in Manchester, flooding the room with their eclectic sound and infectious energy.

Husky loops performed most of the tracks from their album, beginning with Good As Gold, the rumbling baselines rippled through the venue, effortlessly captivating the audience from the very first note. Introducing a punchy vocal and incorporating electronic distortion which is interspersed with well-chosen samples and instrumentals, lifting the song to the next level.

By this time the audience were well-warmed-up, ready to enjoy the night of music and let their hair down, but you can’t ever get through a gig without a technical difficulty, although the band handled this well, they chatted to the crowd and had an improvised on-stage jam, keeping the room engaged while the problem was fixed and they were ready to jump back into the set.


The venue was bouncing once more, this time the audience were treated to oldie, Tempo, the track, which came out in 2017, opens with robotic synth loops, gritty basslines and pounding drum beats, before the cleaner dark-toned vocal takes front of the track and then an explosive instrumental leads it to a gradual end. The set continued with fierce energy taking over the room, at one point support band Fusion, joined the band on stage for an impromptu rap set before Husky Loops continued playing their album. The set included tracks Fuck Me Naturally, which takes advantage of the elaborate set up the band have, using the drum machine to play multiple sounds, Slippin’ continues this trend with rhythmic hooks and elements of rap, then A Little Something has a slower piano backing, fronted by the energetic beats which the band have made their own.

I Think Your Wonderful closed the night as the audience let the music take over, singing along and dancing with the band, everyone fully immersing themselves in the anthem track.

Husky Loops will continue their tour with dates across the UK then heading over to Europe and taking their set on the road.

Liv X

This article was originally written for SJM Discover, read here.

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