CONFESSIONAL FESTIVAL 2019: The Only Time You’re Allowed To Get Drunk In A Church

What’s one of the last places you expect to see a music festival? A disused church in Blackburn, maybe? Well, although the venue is unexpected, Confessional Festival brought amazing music to Holy Trinity Church this weekend and the beautiful interior, high ceilings and stained glass windows, decorated in line with the rainforest theme, only added enormity to the weekend.

The festival took place on Friday on Saturday, with headline sets from The Blinders and International Teachers of Pop as well as filling the days with music from other artists.

On Friday I arrived just in time for Liines, the all-female three-piece captured the venue and warmed up the crowd with rhythmic beats and rippling bass lines.

The Blinders | Confessional Festival

Closing the night we’re The Blinders, one of my favorites. I was excited to see the band in the church, their dystopian political sound fit in well with the obscurity of the venue, with their intense image both complementing and juxtaposing the intricate room. Their sound filled the venue, rumbling bass lines and pounding drums fronted by Tom Heywood’s fierce vocal. The crowd went wild, some stood on pews watching the in-your-face performance, others bouncing and letting the music take over.

Deja Vega | Confessional Festival

On Sunday I made sure I arrived early, I was eager to see Deja Vega. The band are rising on the Manchester music scene and are definitely ones to watch, It seemed a lot of people were excited to see the band as the church filled just before their set. Their music has a tireless energy created by pounding beats, rumbling bass lines, electrifying riffs and a punchy vocal.

Also performing on Saturday were Kyogen, Ryan Jarvis and Working Men’s Club before one of my most anticipated bands, White Room took to the stage. 


White Room are from Brighton, so whenever they do come up north I am always the first to be there, and in a church… even better! The band incorporate a mixture of tones to create their uniquely mysterious sound, the grooving beats of the music rippled through the venue causing the audience to move along. The band treated the room to unreleased song Money Tree as well as fan-favorite Twisted Celebration which hasn’t been played live in a while, layering synth tones with echoing backing vocals and twanging guitar riffs. White Room have a massive sound, it easily filled the grand venue which fit in perfectly with their eccentric performance. Next up was Canibal Song, the darker tones add further depth top the theatrical song, frontman Jake Smallwood has a bold vocal and somewhat reminds me of David Bowie not just because of his powerful and dynamic voice but his quirky performance and the way he is presented. The Blue closed the set with an energetic performance from the quintet and equally lively reception from the room, who allowed the music to take over.

Red Rum Club | Confessional Festival

Next were Red Rum Club, another group on the rise. The band have quite a different sound to White Room but still had no trouble capturing the crowd. The five-piece combine infectious guitar music with powerful trumpet melodies to create a distinctive sound that effortlessly moves a crowd. By this point in the night, everyone at the festival wanted to dance, let their hair down and enjoy the music and Red Rum Club catalysed this with songs like Calexico and Would You Rather Be Lonely?

Closing the festival were International Teachers Of Pop, for their set the whole event turned into a giant party, everyone was dancing, singing and having the time of their life. This carried on after their set as the DJ began and created an unforgettable atmosphere.

Liv X

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