Celebrating the release of their latest EP, Dantevilles welcomed everyone to The Eagle Inn on Saturday night for a sold-out show. 

The Manchester-based quartet released their EP, Welcome To The Theatre only one day before, the EP takes their indie-pop sound to a more intricate level, showing how the band have grown and their music had matured as and merges with something slightly more mysterious and experimental.

Dantevilles began their set with Confession, this song was released just a few weeks before and featured on the EP. It starts with pounding drum beats, which radiated energy through the packed venue and the catchy lyrics had already been picked up by the eager audience who were singing along with the band.


The bands set continued, their music has clear pop and funk tones within it but the band make it their own with unique vocal harmonies and energising beats. Perfect Place saw a sing-along from the room, then The Fighter took over the venue with rippling rhythms and animated beats as the crowd danced along.

Another from the EP, Save Me A Dance flooded the room with energy and excitement as the samba-influenced sounds took over, then Soundscape was played towards the end of the set, taking on a darker tone with twanging chords, powerful beats and a dramatic vocal. This song could easily fill a venue 10, no 100, times larger than The Eagle Inn but the bold sound was equally as effective in the intimate space (I think this is my new favorite).


Bloomin’ Flowers closed the set, by this time, the band were fully immersed in the performance and so were the audience who were enjoying the music and not afraid to dance and get a little sweaty.

Of course, nobody wanted Dantevilles to leave. The audience chanted, requesting them to stay for longer, so they obliged and played an oldie. It Might Be Tomorrow was met with cheers from the unexacting crowd. Taking it back to the bands roots with hooking lyrics which the audience sang along to and infectious pop tones.

Dantevilles are quickly becoming a new favorite of mine, especially after this release, so I am keen to see what they’ve got coming up next, stay tuned.

Liv X 

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