Welcome To The Theatre uncovers three different sides of Dantevilles, the new EP comes out on Friday (30th August) amd mixes their established funk tones with rock, pop and at times it offers something slightly more mysterious and experimental. Each of the three tracks featured holds something unique and adds another layer to the release, while still complementing each other for the perfect combination.

Soundscape opens the EP, I can see this one getting stuck in my head, but I definitely wouldn’t be mad if it did. It opens hooking twangy chords, layered over powerful beats and a theatrical vocal fronts the song, conveying strong emotion and personality through its dynamic tones. Bold instrumentals build the track, interspersed with rippling riffs which create a dramatic atmosphere. The rhythmic lyrics are easy to pick up and its a track I want to know all the words to, just so I can sing along.

The second song of the trio, Save Me A Dance, jumps straight in with samba influenced tones, contrasting the slightly darker mood of the previous track. This song makes you want to dance, it is full of energy and excitement with steady rhythms, punchy beats and an infectiously unique vocal adding depth to the song before it comes to an abrupt end.

The closing song of the release, Confession, marries together the best parts of rock, with electrifying riffs, backed by strong beats and fronted with an energetic vocal. This anthemic track was released last week, teasing fans for what is coming and has been well received but it works so much better alongside the other tracks as an explosive end to the EP.

Welcome To The Theatre is an appropriate title for this collection of music, with a variety of captivating sounds, bigger than any the band have produced before, it takes the listener on a journey, just like a theatre show.

Dantevilles will be celebrating this release with a sold-out show at Manchester’s Eagle Inn on Saturday, then a short tour in October will take them to Bristol, Oxford, Birmingham and London, as well as two northern dates in Manchester and Liverpool.

Liv X



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