Recently, Carnival Club have been really busy spending time in the studio and making new music, but earlier this week they took a break from creating new tracks and came back to Manchester for the first night of a two-date co-headline alongside Kit Trigg, with the second date in Sheffield the following day.

Carnival Club have gained a dedicated following in their hometown, and their Manchester gigs are guaranteed to go off with a bang so I knew I had to go to Jimmy’s to see them again. The crowd arrived early and there was an excitement in the air before the gig began, Ashley Sherlock began the night and then Nana White Pepper, before Kit Trigg brought their garage-rock sound to the stage, juxtaposing the genre with melodic elements layered on top of the heavier music. The band warmed up the venue, which was now full of enthusiastic music lovers, and began the night.

Combining a raw rock and roll style with fresh indie sound, Carnival Club take powerful riffs, vigorous beats and front their music with a strong vocal from frontman Kai. Their music is easy to sing along to but also infectious and makes you want to dance. The local four-piece easily captured the crowd at Jimmy’s during the mid-week gig, playing a mixture of older fan favourites, newer hits and unreleased tracks.

Their latest release, Making Time quickly became a favourite of mine when it came out earlier this year, it rippled through the venue and generated an explosive energy while their anthemic sound effortlessly took over the room. The 70’s rock influences of the band are particularly clear in this song and modern touches shine through in the form of compressed drum beats and dynamic vocals.

As well as their new releases, their older hits were equally effective, Follow the Sun shows a more melodic and heartfelt side of the band with smoother sounds and a softer vocal, while House Of Cards features fierce riffs, pounding beats and high-powered basslines.

I am excited to hear what the band have been unto in their recording sessions over the past weeks and looking forward to what they’ve got coming up- definitely a band to look out for!

Liv X

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