One week before the release of their debut EP, All You Couldn’t See, Liverpool-based band, Polar States come to Manchester, teasing some of their new tracks at Jimmy’s, where an excited audience filled the venue.

The crowd arrived at the venue early to see support James Holt, who opened the night with catchy acoustic songs while the room began to fill, it continued getting busier during the sets of Stereohaze and Two Day Coma, who warmed up the crowd, ready for the headline. By this time Jimmy’s basement felt full, the audience were all stood as close to the stage as they could get, eagerly waiting for Polar States. 

Polar States opened with Trip Love, a song set to feature on the upcoming EP. It combines strong pop influences and easy to sing along lyrics with electrifying riffs opening the track and setting the pace for the rest of the night. I wouldn’t describe their music as ‘indie,’ but rather a mixture of the best parts of rock, pop and guitar music.

The set continued with song Fade Out, the bands latest single, which will open Friday’s release. The anthemic tones of the song instantly took over the venue and the dynamic vocal of frontman Paul radiated around the room as powerful beats carried the track onwards. The band have a lively sound which effortlessly captured the venue, the audience were dancing and were singing along to the infectious music.

Roads is an unforgettable track, it was released last year and is instantly recognisable with distinct strums opening the track, letting the vocal take centre stage. The song builds up and created an explosive atmosphere in the venue as the crowd sang and danced along with the band while energy bounced around the room.

Don’t forget to listen to All You Couldn’t See on Friday

Liv X

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