Manic Street Preachers | The Ritz | 21/05/19

Celebrating the re-release one of their most loved albums, Manic Street Preachers are currently touring intimate venues across the country, and earlier this week stopped for two days at Manchester’s O2 Ritz. It has been over 20 years since they released This Is My Truth Tell Me Yoursand, last year, the band launched an extended edition of the iconic album, which features a number bonus and live tracks.

The show was split in two, in the first half, the band played the album in its entirety and the second half showcased their biggest hits.

The gig opened with The Everlasting, capturing the venue instantly with the soft vocal and electrifying but subtle riffs. At times the first half of the show was slow, especially during the lesser known tracks but the lulls in the atmosphere didn’t last for long, and the show quickly picked up when the room were singing the lyrics back to the band.

 The second half of the show featured the roaring Motorcycle Emptiness, the anthemic track tore through the venue and the atmosphere was infectious. The set continued with newer songs and fan favourites, the crowd holding on to every word sang.

Closing the night was Design For Life, of course this track was best received and at times the crowd were singing even louder than the band, lifting the roof off the venue.

Manic Street Preachers have a massive sound, it could (and has) easily fill an arena ten times the size of The Ritz, but the intimacy of the seemingly small stage worked in their favour as the energy echoed around the room and reached everyone in the venue.

Liv X

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