Impeccable. That’s how I would describe Afghan Sand Gang’s performance at Night People the last Saturday night. The notes followed each other in a transition, sometimes edgy, sometimes sweeter but always mesmerizing and hypnotic. I found it hard to stay in place to take pictures. I wanted to move, swim in the air and follow the flux.

The trip started with the beat of Mantra and continued smoothly and well thought through a magnificent series of tracks, one more engaging than the other. The lights on stage created marvellous shadows and contributed greatly to the show, although the music itself didn’t need any help. The audience was trapped in a journey, it was impossible to not move and when pieces like the new Envy and the well-known Glistener were heard everything quietly exploded in an electronic jubilation. Afghan Sand Gang once again gave us a unique experience, midway through the historical Live a Pompeii of Pink Floyd and some obscure and melancholic Mogwai tune.

The support couldn’t be more diverse, starting with the fierce punk of Loose Articles, enraged but gentle, a bit The Bangles a bit riot grrrls. The result was a funny and enjoyable sequence of tunes, engaging and danceable, a sort of hymn to the feminine gender and feeling. The guitar riffs were catchy and bright, the voice sometimes delicate sometimes rabid but always appropriate. I would definitely watch them again.

Moving towards what it feels like another era, the post-punk ensemble Document gave us the most violent experience of the night, with powerful chords, a so-very-British kind of chant to the masses and a strong bass presence which is not so common and always appreciated. The songs went on for what it seemed like just 10 minutes, each one a bit edgier, a bit brutal than the other. Talking about bands to keep an eye one, these guys are absolutely a must.

Overall, the night felt like it comprised different sides of the human nature, like we were peeling the layers off, going from our body to our soul and if I’d have the chance to do it again I wouldn’t change anything. The show left us with the need of hearing more, with the pulse of being again in a synth-produced state of grace…

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