Nearly two years ago I wrote my first ever gig review. The gig I covered was King No-One at The Deaf Institute; they were a band I had seen once previously, opening a little gig at Factory in Manchester, and I was excited to see them again. I remember uploading the review and being so happy with it, it’s not online anymore, but the photo I took is still on Instagram.

  This weekend King No-One were back again, but this time their anthemic sound wasn’t just taking over Deaf Institute, they were doing a three-day Manchester residency with two more gigs at Night People and Gorilla.

  The first gig, on Friday night, celebrated the launch of the band’s debut EP, OOMM, which was released that morning. Deaf Institute was packed with exciting fans, who were all ready to party and sing along to the new tunes. Oldie, Millennium opened the night and the tour began with a bang.  The room was bouncing from the very first note and the energy in the room only continued growing. Systematic continued the fierce set, the powerful music capturing the buzzing room and creating undeniably infectious energy. The band then played their new EP, everyone already knew the words, they sang, danced and cheered at all the right moments.

  On Saturday, the band came to the more humble venue, Night People. The stage is lower, so the group were nearly at eye level, it felt much more intimate and is probably the smallest gig the band will play during this tour. This was a throwback set, and the underground room added to the nostalgic feeling of the night, showing the type of stage they might have played only a few years ago. The groups’ original bassist, Alex, also joined in so it really was like watching King No-One in their early days. The set featured songs from as far back as 2012 and the audience were able to see how the band have matured and their music has progressed. Foreign tongue opened the night, the song came out in 2015 but everyone still knew the words, New Profit was also played, incorporating the new release because their old bassist had helped write it, others of the bands classic “bangers” were played, including Halo and Alcatraz.

  Closing the weekend was the biggest gig of the three at Gorilla. The room feels so much bigger than the other two but the audience filled it with eagerness as they waited for King No-One, the anticipation in the room only growing as more people arrived. The set was introduced with the song Lemonade, played by frontman Zach on the piano, then the whole band joined, the charisma of the song captured the entire room and, for the third night running, the crowd tirelessly danced like it was all they knew.

W. ithin the band there is a strong chemistry, it holds them together and enables their performance to be so big, the passion held by the group is undeniable, it radiated around the room and was mirrored by the audience who were equally immersed in the music. this gig included aspects from both the previous two, playing old fan-favourites like Halo and Philosophical, as well as tracks from the new EP like Out of My Mind and the alternate version of Toxic Love. Again, Alex joined in for a couple of tracks New Profit and Alcatraz before the gig was closed with Antichrist.

  King No-One’s sound is mesmerising and powerful, easily captivating any audience they have. The band have something special; their charm and passion has captured the hearts of so many fans and is continuing to do so as they grow.

Liv X

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