Friday night saw Gathering of Strangers celebrate their newest release of Lady in style with a headline show at Night People– providing a ‘you had to be there’ feeling from the very start.

  Opening the night was Manchester based, ambient synth-pop band, The People. With possible hints of shoegaze as well as the dream-pop-esqe sound, The People provided a strong set which was well received by the crowd and created a calming atmosphere.

  It was now time for Gathering of Strangers to take to the stage, it’s a while since I  last saw them but they certainly didn’t disappoint. Met with a cheer, the band walked on stage, the five-piece were in harmony, as they powered through the floor-filling, infectious set. Playing songs such as Nice Hair and their latest single, Lady, the track Animals particularly stood out due to its laid back nature at the start, until it builds up-each instrument complementing the others and laying the foundation for Connor’s empowering vocals as he makes the stage his own.

At the end of their set, there was a strong sense of wanting the party continue, met perfectly by the band’s encore. Old and new fans alike were treated to an oldie, Something In The Water, people shoulder to shoulder, singing the chorus back to the incredibly hard-working 5 piece who are continuing to grow.


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