The gritty riffs of False Heads provoke an undeniable energy, their music is fuelled by rumbling basslines and fronted with a raw vocal, Soup Kitchen was moving, the set took over the venue and a roaring buzz captured the atmosphere. 

False Heads have a punk-rock sound and sport a matching in-your-face attitude. When the band walked on stage, the atmosphere in the venue became very punk-esque, ferocious and rebellious. The layout of the underground room brings a similar aesthetic, at Soup Kitchen there is a certain appealing gnarlyness that fits perfectly with the bands’ persona.

False Heads didn’t stop moving for the whole gig, the movement was contagious, and the crowd didn’t stop moving either as the enthusiasm radiated around the room. The set featured latest release, Slease, blistering riffs are backed with pounding beats and carried forward by a dynamically fierce vocal, the heavier sound encouraged the audience to allow the music to take over and captivate the venue. The band treated the room to several unreleased tracks, some which we can hope to hear more of in the next year, they also played fan-favourites Retina, Yellow and some older tunes like Slew and Twentynothing before closing the gig with Wrap Up.

The night saw Soup Kitchen being taken over by killer riffs, bold beats and enticing tunes- it isn’t a gig that will be forgotten anytime soon.

Liv X

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