Carnival Club bring back a pure 70s rock and roll style and combine it with a fresh, modern indie tone to create a powerful, stadium-worthy sound. On Saturday, the Manchester-based band headlined The Star and Garter and infused the venue with fiercely dynamic sounds

The Printers opened the night with a vintage, punk-esque feel, their music has an appealing roughness to it, with warped riffs, fronted by a raw vocal. as the band played, the venue steadily filled and by the time their set had finished, a crowd of people had filled the room, all watching and enjoying the band.

  Next to the stage were Good Future, a band I have been hoping to see since they formed but I have always been busy whenever they’ve been in town. The group have a very 80’s, experimental sound, almost a complete contrast of The Printers. They take rippling bass lines and layer a combination of vibrant riffs and synthesisers, that you can’t help but dance to. The infectious sound is fronted by clean-cut vocals and easy-to-sing-along lyrics, which by the end of the set the room were singing back to the band- even some of the unreleased tracks.

  Everyone was well warmed up by the time Carnival Club were on stage, there was an undeniable excitement taking over the room and the buzzing audience were eager for the set to begin. As they began playing, the venue exploded with energy, everyone was moving, dancing singing and loving the gig from the very first second.

   Carnival Club began with track My Lady, the music is powered by a captivating enthusiasm from the band, who fully immersed themselves into the set, enjoying the performance just as much as the crowd and letting the music take over. The band went on to feature a mixture of brand-new songs, like I Took the Hit and In My Air, oldies Hostile and Follow the Sun as well as their new single Making Time, which is lined up to come out this Friday (22 March)Carnival Club have a rock-fuelled sound, primarily featuring distorted, huge riffs fronted by strong vocals, but sometimes showing a more progressive side and slowing down into a smoother, yet equally powerful, rock tone.

  Fan favourite, House of Cards closed the set. The 2016 track is probably on the heavier side for the band, placing emphasis on the gritty rock inspired tones and powerful vocal. The song is the perfect way to end a set if you want it to stick in the mind of the crowd, and the roaring music and passionate performance won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Liv X

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