Desperate Journalist are a band I came across by word of mouth, usually I find bands online or I come across artists at gigs, sometimes supporting musicians I’m already wanting to see. But Desperate Journalist were talked about, I knew people liked their music, so I went to The Deaf Institute this weekend to find out what they were like myself.

When I arrived, the room was already full and there was an undeniable excitement present, the audience were relaxed and eager, not the type of audience who scream for the band, but rather the type who listen and appreciate the music while enjoying the night. The atmosphere was warm and friendly, it was a nice difference and it really felt like a sense of, almost, community within the fans.

The band began with Murmuration, the opening track of their 2019 album, In Search of the Miraculous. The sound is an anthemic indie pop, with underlying dark tones and heartfelt lyrics, that remind me of the Emo Rock music I used to listen to when I was younger. The powerful female vocal us somewhat reminiscent of The Smiths, but also sometimes showing subtle hints of an early Paramore Hayley Williams style.

The set went on to feature more from the new album including, To Be Forgotten, Cedars, Satellite and Ocean Wave, as well as some older releases, Cristina and Hollow. The personal lyrics were emotive and radiated around the venue, the audience watched back with an equal passion.

I was quite surprised, I really enjoyed the gig, although I wouldn’t say it’s the type of music I generally listen to. It felt fresh, new and I would recommend the band.

Liv X

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