Electro-pop quartet, Wooze are quite unlike any band I’ve written about, their music doesn’t fit quite into any genre category, it’s weird, but great.

The band are strange (in a good way), they stand out and that’s one of the first things you notice when listening to them, even just upon seeing their artwork, but this becomes even more pronounced when seeing them live. Before they even walked on stage there were obvious differences, a dolls house, painted yellow with flashing lights stood in the back corner and the mic-stands had also been sprayed yellow.

Song, Toues Moi opened the set, the experimental sounds filled the room the performance appeared robotic, alien-like, each member stayed in their own place, the guitarist and bassist were dressed in yellow rain coats with bright surgical masks and were doing jolty movements to the beats of the music. The drummer, who also did a lot of singing, had yellow hair was also dressed in yellow and the fourth member, who fronted the group, stood out dressed in all black with bright red hair.

Wooze have many layers to their music, the electronic riffs and the powerful basslines give a futuristic feel. Fronted by dynamic vocals, one distorted voice simultaneously contrasts and compliments a deep vocal, which acted almost like a bassline at times.

The set featured releases Ladies Who Lunch with MeParty Without Yaand their debut single Hello Can You Go. The lyrics tell stories, but the focal point remains on the music, which isn’t the type you sing along to but rather music to listen to and enjoy and that’s what the audience were doing. Everyone was listening, paying attention to each and every detail, enjoying the precision in the music.

Woose also introduced the audience with a brand-new track, Try this at Home, and teased their upcoming EP with their newest release I’ll Have What She’s Having, as well as Zeus’ Masseuse and Cousin Paul from Paddington, which are all set to feature on the release, due to launch next month.

Liv X

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