Indie-pop quartet, Dantevilles performed an exciting hometown set on Friday at Night People, the room was singing, the audience were dancing for the entire gig and everyone was just having fun while the music captured the busy venue.

Dantevilles opened with energy, instantly drawing in the audience. Their song Confession began the gig, then they played Perfect Place, a track from last year’s EP, everyone knew the words and were already singing the lyrics back to the group.

The band have an infectiously upbeat sound, incorporating indie infused riffs with irresistible basslines, creating funk-like undertones. The unique vocal fronts the music the harmonies between the two vocalists lifting the sound and creating an unforgettable dynamic.

There was an intense sense of excitement in the venue which had been building in the crowd, this bounced around the lively room between the audience and band. There wasn’t a single person who wasn’t fully immersed in the set, which featured both old, new and unreleased tracks.

Going on to perform It Might Be Tomorrow, Daydreamer and The Fighter the contagious enthusiasm, continued to captivate the crowd with danceable sounds and easy-to-sing lyrics.

Dantevilles closed the unforgettable night with an oldie of theirs, Tight Lips before their latest single Bloomin’ Flowers which came out just that morning.

Liv X

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