On Wednesday, Night People experienced a storm of energy from rock infused trio, Calva Louise, who brought their fierce sound to the venue as part of their ongoing UK tour.

  The band merge together grunge with the best parts of pop and have an underlying punk energy to their sound, creating a powerful mood within their music which radiated through the entire venue.

  Walking on to the Countdown theme song, the set began on the last tick of the clock, filling the room with a reverberating roar as the gig kicked off, drawing in the excited audience, the atmosphere exploded as the first track began.

  The set featured multiple songs from their debut album Rhinoceros, which came out earlier this year, including tracks I Heard a Cry, Outrageous, and No Hay. The group introduced the audience to some new tracks, including Belicoso, which they recommended the audience ‘mosh’ to, and the crowd definitely took this up.

  You could tell the band loved being on stage, their enthusiasm was infectious, the whole venue was bouncing for the entire gig, with the rippling bass lines and pounding drum beats taking over while everyone immersed themselves in the music.

One thing I love about Calva Louise is the range of genres they cover, some of their songs having an untamed punk element and others feeling slightly calmer, but all of their tracks have a certain roughness to them, with fuzzing riffs contrasting the dynamic female vocal. 

Liv X

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