LARKINS | THE Albert Hall | 02/03/19

Larkins are possibly Manchester’s fastest growing up-and-coming band- and that’s quite an achievement! It’s been little over a year since they were headlining Band on The Wall, then, shortly after, Manchester Academy 2 and Saturday night saw them take on their biggest hometown gig yet, The Albert Hall.

Opening the gig were Plastic House, the band brought energy and enthusiasm to the stage and the crowd were loving it, the music captured the entire venue, and everyone was dancing along from the first track. The Lottery Winners were next, continuing the stream of energy. The group really involved the audience, encouraging the room to keep moving, while equally immersing themselves into the music.

Larkins walked on stage to a screaming crowd, it was an excited scream and it was infectious. Everyone in the room had been waiting for this moment, it was strange to see an audience so passionate and devoted, but it was also refreshing. It took a few moments for the band to take it in, it seemed they were initially awe-struck and blown away by the response from the packed room.

As soon as the band began playing, the atmosphere began buzzing and the floor was bouncing. The group opened with a chant, introducing the set to an audience who already knew them so well, before jumping in with 2017 single Sugar Sweet. Opening with captivating, synth-fueled riffs, the indie-pop band had everyone instantly hooked.

Larkins have an undeniably catchy sound, powered forward by dynamic riffs and mesmerising synth tones, which are fronted by lively and singable lyrics. It is a big sound, that was evident from the first note, and the band had no trouble letting it take over the iconic venue. The group continued with Tale of Cassandra and Wasted years with the audience singing back every lyric, like an echo, and dancing to every beat.

The band came to the end of their set and left the but nobody wanted them to go. The quartet then ran back on and closed with an encore, the final song being Something Beautiful, and it really was.

It was truly a monumental gig, one that won’t be forgotten anytime soon by either the band or the fans, Larkins are one to watch.

Liv X

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