Screenshot 2019-02-28 at 13.21.36.png  The beginning of 2019 felt pretty quiet for The Bright Black but the Manchester quartet have a good reason. Over the past few months they have been busy working with Sugar House Studios to perfect their latest single Super Duper.

  The bands lively indie-soul music had captured the ears and hearts of many fans, creating a dynamic sound with infectious rhythms, both on stage and off.

  The new track is different from last year’s single single Two Two One, in which the sincere vocal is backed by soulful, complimentary music.

   Super Duper allows the funk side of the band to really shine through, more energy is brought to the song from the very first note, but the soulful tones of the band are still incorporated throughout the song.

  Instantly jumping in with chanting vocals the track captures your attention, its sudden opening brings a fierce spark of enthusiasm to the first line. Funky riffs, rippling basslines and pounding beats carry the song onwards adding a groove to the music.

  Unlike other songs, The Bright Black have swapped this one around, beginning with impact and then slowing down and letting the soulful charisma of the band take over during each verse while still keeping up with the funky beats. This punchy chant, the lyrics ‘Super Duper,’ coming back for each chorus bringing even more power to the sound.

  I have seen the band perform the song live before and, I must say, I was surprised when I first heard the recording. The live performance has always been much tamer (though I never thought of it as ‘tame’) but equally bold. It took a while for the recording to grow on me and, initially, it threw me off but the new zest the band have brought, coupled with their contagious and sassy charm, has undoubtedly created something unforgettable.

Liv X

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