QUEEN ZEE | YES | 23/02/19

  Queen Zee are very different to the type of artist I would usually write about, they are much bolder, much more intense and I love it.  They brought their punk fueled tones to the basement at Yes this weekend where they played a sold out show to an enthusiastic crowd.

  The band, from Liverpool, mix underlying pop tones with contrasting raw punk sounds and an attitude to match, creating a gritty, in your face, yet powerful sound.

  The room was packed full of fans, everyone looked different, some people looked to be punk fans, others pop, indie and some just wanted to have a good time. The group draw sounds from all over the musical spectrum and brought people together for a brilliant night.

  The set was opened by Victim Age, a song from their debut album which was released earlier this month. The electric start to the night had the room moving from the very first beat, energy was bouncing between the band and audience, while everyone was fully immersed in the music.

  The track Loner was next, taking on more of a pop sound but remaining passionately upbeat and in your face. As the set continued the tone of the night stayed this way- crazy, but in a good way.

  At one point during the set, members of the group came forward into the crowd and encouraged the audience to dance with each other, more a slow dance rather than the usual head-banging you expect from a group so lively.  This wasn’t what I imagined when I was heading to the gig, but the atmosphere it created was unreal, the band lifted the room and everyone was just having fun- isn’t that what music is about?

  The pace of the performance quickly made its way back up to speeding, last years single Sass or Die, as well as Hunger Pains and Sissy Fists also appeared on the set before closing with I Hate Your New Boyfriend.

Queen Zee left the stage to cheers for more, nobody wanted them to leave so they treated the audience to one last track leaving the final date of their UK tour on a high.

Queen Zee one of the more unusual bands I’ve seen but for some reason it just works.

Liv X

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