Over the past year, Manchester quartet, Larkins have seen streams of success, the band have travelled around the UK, visiting some of the most renowned venues, as well as taking to the stage in Germany and Austria. With the groups fanbase rapidly increasing in size, they have managed to grow into one of the strongest bands in the UK, never mind just Manchester.

  All of this has built up to their most impressive UK tour yet with dates in Glasgow, Nottingham, Leeds and, to conclude, their biggest gig to date- a homecoming show at The Albert Hall!

  Larkins began in Glossop, having attended school together (with the exception of drummer Joe Stott) the band have an unbeatable chemistry, which is present both on stage and off. The four-piece have grown together, their music developing as they do from the indie guitar music to a more striking pop infused sound, more mature but just as exciting.

  The animated sound of the band pulls together aspects of pop, rock and a classic indie sound to generate something much larger. Their music is able to captivate any venue and build a bouncing atmosphere with contagious rhythms and lyrics you unknowingly find yourself singing.

The Albert Hall is the perfect venue for the growing group to flood with energy and the show on Saturday will undoubtedly be one to remember.

Buy tickets here!

Liv X

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