Beginning with gentle strums and soft lyrics, The Covasettes latest release, Like You, soon jumps in with animated riffs, bringing the energetic tone we all know and love from the band.

  The track, set to be launched on 22 February, brings something new to the groups catchy, indie-rock sound, offering a higher sense of musical maturity with electrifying riffs and heartfelt lyrics.

  I love how the track has a calm opening, which really displays the vocal talent of frontman, Chris Buxton. The pure start to the song quickly builds up with bright riffs and lifts the atmosphere with pounding beats, the anthemic music and passionate vocal take it in turns to front the track, switching in between infectious instrumentals and captivating lyrics.

‘Like You’ Single Artwork

  The dynamic music is unlike any other track from the band and really stands out. It brings classic indie tones, morphed with pop and sandwiched in-between refined acoustic strums at the beginning and end.

As the track slows to a close, the compassionate vocal takes centre stage once more, with underlying strums tying the song together perfectly.

   It’s the type of track I easily find myself humming along with its bold tones that create unforgettably big sounds, but also sparking a range of feelings within the emotive lyrics and gripping instrumentals.

Liv X

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