I Wouldn’t usually write about a track after it has been released but for Kashmere I will make an exception.

Their newest track, Gravity, was released on Friday and I was quite surprised by the song. I have followed the band for quite a while and after hearing their early indie-fueled hits develop into 80’s influenced synth pop I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the new release.

Gravity is different, that was what I first noticed, it isn’t a song you dance to, and that’s always what I’ve associated Kashmere with, dance, letting your hair down. However, the slower song didn’t take long to grow on me.

Still taking a page out of the musical book of the 1980’s, Gravity delves deeper into the classic sounds of the early 70’s, with tones similar to those of bands like Pink Foyd, while keeping the experimental synth lines and compressed drums. Gravity is much calmer, the song has a unique tranquillity about it, creating an almost narcotised effect that makes you want to pay attention to the music, listen and enjoy it, rather than jump around.

Each time I listen to the track a new effect is uncovered, a new detail that wasn’t noticed previously. Beginning slowly, with a soothing piano and cosmic sounding guitar, the track backed by subtle and precise drums before the relaxed vocal begins. Then adding short effects, creating a sci-fi edge to the serene sounds, ultimately building up the idyllic track.

Liv X

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