On Saturday Manchester Academy 2 saw a massive homegrown show take to its stage. The night, headlined by Glass Caves, was a huge step for the local group, who tightly packed the great venue with hundreds of excited followers. Not only that, but supporting the quartet was another two of Manchester’s finest upcoming artists Kashmere and Freeda, who were the perfect openers for the unforgettable night.

  There was no need for a warm-up, as soon as Freeda walked on stage the crowd was already buzzing with excitement and there was an eagerness in the atmosphere that exploded as soon as the night began. The group opened with energy, instantly capturing the entire room with their sound, a combination of indie rock with an irresistible pop tone shining through. It’s the type of music that you can’t help but dance to, with catchy lyrics that you find yourself singing along to without realising. Songs like Go Home and their latest single, Plead, spread around the lively room and perfectly began the night.

  Introducing themselves to the audience, Kashmere came onstage and instantly had the entire venue bouncing, everyone was dancing before they even began with track Codeine. Kashmere’s sound takes the current synth-pop phenomena to a new level, they create tracks that sound like they could’ve been released in the 80’s, but something fresh about the energy of the band really makes them stand out. The opening track brought pure enthusiasm to the stage, the band were loving it and you could see they were blown away by the passionate response from the crowd, they let the music take over the room and danced along to every beat. Tokyo was next, the song had the whole room dancing and singing along, then groups newest release, Gravity, slowed down the set while everyone listened to the laid-back track before jumping back in with Anaesthesia and closing with an oldie, Porcelain. The closing track is one of the quartets first releases and it has a more indie-rock sound, bringing their dynamic set to a close with electrifying riffs and captivating beats.

  By the time Glass Caves were due on stage the audience were well and truly ready for a night of singing and dancing. The group kicked off with last year’s single Taipei Nights. Beginning slowly, with steady beats building the song, the vocal fronting the music as the track builds to create an explosive energy. Everyone knew the words to the song, singing them back to the band and bouncing around the room. There wasn’t a single person who wasn’t fully immersed in the music, the audience dancing, the band smiling, almost as if they were in awe of the achievement.

Glass  Caves take the best parts of every genre the powerful indie riffs, mesmerising synth sequences and the catchy rhythms of pop, to create an anthemic sound. The gig continued with Do You Have a Name and I Do then going on to feature an array of tracks, from the old hits featured on their debut 2014 album, Alive, including the title track and Go. These songs have a more indie tone which developed into something more mature and compelling in their newer tracks, like Common Tongue, which was released earlier this month.

Glass Caves closed the night with Swim and were met with a room full of cheers, chants for more before coming back for an encore and going out with a bang, with their track Out Of Control.

The night was one that won’t be forgotten anytime soon by either the band or audience who left the sweaty venue with smiles on their faces.

Liv X


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