Inego are a pretty new band to me, but after hearing their alternative disco music I knew I needed to see them live. The group have a big sound, boldly mixing together influence from 80’s pop, to rock with modern distorted tones making their tracks even bigger.

The group came to Manchester’s Night People on Saturday and brought a pretty big crowd with them. 

The Navettes opened with lively tracks catching the audiences attention. The band use big instrumentals, fronted by a dynamic female vocal which perfectly kicked off the night. Tracks like Gorgeous and Last Summer got the room moving and ready for the gig.

Continuing with another two support artists, Huulen and Little Grim, both bands I haven’t listened to before, the night was carried forward with two energetic performances as the room began to get busy.

Everyone was looking forward to Inego and anticipation was building in the air as a backing track began to play with an old-style broadcast voice. The band walked on stage and instantly captured the room with the funk infused sound and captivating basslines of I Need Your Love. One of the first things I noticed about the group was the dedicated audience, nearly everyone in the room was sporting a t-shirt and singing along to every lyric, the atmosphere at the venue was infectious and even if you didn’t know the band you were guaranteed to start dancing by the end of the first track. Next the group played a cover of I Shot the Sheriff, before continuing with their own original material.

The band played a mixture of older fan-favourites and newer tracks, including It’s OK, Its Alright and a new favourite of mine, Exiled Love, using an 80’s disco style and powerful female backing vocal that took the track to another level, before closing with oldie, Always the Same.

I love the way Inego combine genres, taking aspects of funk and disco with rock to create a darker tone, that’s a bit rough around the edges but overall bringing a powerful and clean tone. The energy in the venue was immense and was sustained through the whole set, I don’t think a single person wasn’t hooked onto the music, which could’ve easily filled a venue 10 times the size.

I was pleasantly surprised by the set, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the show as much as I did, but I definitely recommend going to see Inego if you’re looking to have a good night out and a dance.

Liv X


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