Faux Pas brought nothing but energy to their roaring set at Manchester’s The Bread Shed on Friday night. Their powerful music took over the night and their intense performance captivated the crowd.

  The gig was opened by Manalishi, who jumped into the show with influences from grunge and heavier rock. The band had a powerful bass tone which made their music stand out but at times could’ve been a little more engaging with the room, not that the crowd didn’t love their music, I think the band just needed to let their hair down.

  The Elephant Treeswere next to the stage, their powerful and upbeat indie sound was infectious and took over the room, everyone was dancing and loving the music from the very start. The band didn’t stop moving, they let the music lead the performance and fully immersed themselves in the gig, dancing along to their tracks with an electrifying energy.

  Walking on to cheers from the room, Faux Paswere instantly captivating with their fiercely passionate performance. Everything about the band is different, the front man, Ru Cowl, wore a dress, with the word ‘RUNT’written across his chest, a statement. The rest of the band were dressed more to blend in, or maybe it’s just because Ru stood out so much, but they were equally immersed in the almost-theatrical show. And that’s what it was, a show, the band hadn’t just planned to go and play music, but to also to display something visual and emotionally powerful, letting the music take over. Their music has influences from pop, rock and punk, but it was mostly a grungy 90s sound, rough but in a good way. Faux Pasclosed the night with Golden, a stand out track with a slightly more melodic and laid back but possibly more powerful and more emotive and dynamic than the rest of the gig.

  The band didn’t stop moving, they had fun on stage and when a band enjoy a set it makes the audience love the music so much more.

Liv X


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