LA MODE | JIMMY’S | 30/01/19

  I went to Jimmy’s again on Wednesday for my second round of Independent Venue Week, this time to watch La Mode. The four-piece are a Manchester based alternative rock group, with a sound that makes you feel as if you’ve been taken back to the early 70’s- a time when true rock anthems were created.

  Opening the night were Shallow Waters, showcasing an eerie rock sound the band began the with a bang, building up the atmosphere in the room with ambient tones and psychedelic grooves.

  Naked Six were next on stage, by this time, Jimmy’s was already busy. Despite being a pretty new group, the band have gathered a good following and their fans are dedicated. The trio incorporate rock and punk tones to create an energy-fueled set as the atmosphere in the venue grew and excitement built up.

  La Mode aren’t afraid to experiment with sound to create their unique and diverse psychedelic rock tone. The dynamic mixture, taking influences from bands from Led Zeppelin to The White Stripes, is topped by an impressive and bold female vocal from front woman, Millie Sproston. This, coupled with the roaring music, creates a force to be reckoned with. The chemistry between the group was contagious, they make the audience feel fully involved in the performance, interacting with the crowd and including them in the electrifying set. Showcasing some new tracks, some which remain unnamed and others which I hope to hear being released soon, La Mode also performed older releases like song Dark Side,which really got the room moving.

Keep your eye out here to see more from La Mode.

Liv X

Photo by Olivia Kenny

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