THE BIG PEACH | JIMMY’S | 25/01/2019

  The show, presented by Light My Fire Promotions, last Friday started with a bang: the raw rock of Sunday Morning Ritual, whose sound was definitely dirty and a bit imprecise but strong and loud enough, for a band whose vibe is mostly punk. With the heavy presence of the bass and the well shouted lyrics, the show was overall enjoyable and it did certainly wake up the timid crowd who just arrived to the venue. Always an interesting thing to see, the drummer and the singer/guitarist switched places for a song both doing a good job in their new roles. They left the audience wanting more, more rock, harder…

When Farfisa took the stage it was a revelation. The band technical skills and the psychedelic vibes were the first things to notice. The bass riffs were interesting, never similar one to another; it’s very difficult to find a band whose bass presence is so strong and so well polished, they already had something unique. But their peculiarities didn’t stop there. The guitars’ sound was clean, psychedelic and mesmerizing, the vocals were well modulated, the drums were precise and interesting. This chameleon band moved from heavy rock tunes to a ‘60s/‘70s vibe to songs where the sitar, yeah, you heard it, the sitar was the main presence. If I were into drugs I’d say, I wonder what I could see listening to them high on LSD. They’re absolutely one band to follow.

Changing style completely, at the end of the night and even if the luck wasn’t on their side The Big Peach made their appearance. The show was an intimate acoustic set due to unforeseen circumstances who left the band without drummer and without bass. The ensemble, including an electric guitar and an harmonica, was a bit unexpected. Some imprecisions here and there made clear that this was a last-minute plan and the set was supposed to be completely different but they did a really good job. The public knew all the songs, the vocals were never, not even for a second, out of tune or shy. Even considering the circumstances the band clarified why they were the headliners for the night. The effect in general, considering the music, the look and the structure of the songs, is very much Beatles but, I mean, who doesn’t love the Beatles?

  The Big Peach showed to be very professional and skilled, and I’m sure they have more potential than just their pure ‘60s vibe. In the future I would like to see more of them and I already know they will not disappoint.

Words and photo by Maurina Angioni

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