Jerry Williams makes performing look effortless, she enjoys every second of her set and allows herself to become fully absorbed in the music.

  I watched Jerry at Jimmy’s on Monday to kick off the ongoing Independent Venue Week, the gig was opened by Maddy Storm. Maddy has recently taken a new direction in her music and she uses multiple synthesisers to create a pop infused sound, which is fronted by her powerful voice. Next on were Wild Front, a Southampton based four-piece who have an up-beat and lively sound, they were engaging to watch, experimenting by playing some tracks with a violin bow and using rhythmic basslines that made the room bounce.

  Jerry opened her set with unreleased track, Pistachio before jumping in with oldie Mother, featuring high-spirited music that everyone was dancing along to. The set included an array of older tracks including Velcro, and I’m Not In Love With You but also treated the room to some new tracks, like It Gets So Hard. Her sound is dynamic, sometimes showing a true rock influence, which shines through and other times the tracks are more stripped back, but still beautiful, with Jerry’s strong and fiery vocal being the centrepiece of all her music.

  Jerry’s personality is what makes her performance so fun, she engaged with the room, chatting about why she wrote the tracks and what they mean to her, but also the infectious mood that she had on stage, dancing around and loving the set just as much as the audience.

  As the night came to a close, Jerry Williams was met with cheers for another track- or another six, I heard one person call- she came back and performed a solo encore, Gameshow, with a backing track of a piano, because they didn’t bring one on tour. The track was soft and packed with emotion, a moving song that everyone watched and intently listened to. To close the night, the band were brought back on stage to perform one of Jerry’s first releases, Boy Oh Boy. The nostalgic song saw the room singing back to Jerry and was a great end to a great night!

Liv X

Photo by Olivia Kenny

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