Friday night began at Night People with Dolphin Centre and lively quartet Kula Bay who began the night with energy and excitement, warming up the room. The venue was quickly becoming busy, with clusters off friends, music fans, gathered round and enjoying the night, dancing along to the catchy rhythms of the support bands. There was a sense of enthusiasm in the atmosphere as the growing audience eagerly awaited the headline band ; Laurel Canyon are a Manchester three-piece who use soft rhythms and intricate guitar licks to create a unique indie sound, infused with upbeat pop tones, rhythmic bass lines and powerful drum beats.

The band began the night with Rewind and Replay,an unreleased song to begin the electrifying night, as soon as the band walked on stage the audience were drawn in and everyone in the room took at least one step closer to the band. In fact, Laurel Canyon’s set featured quite a few new tracks, or at least unreleased songs, as well as last year’s releases Burden, Nettleand their latest launch Graffiti. The song has a happy and animated feel to the music, provoking a dance and sing along from the room. The group also performed a new song, Standby.

  The band immersed themselves in the music and looked as though they were enjoying every second of the performance, an infectious feeling which spread around the room. The inclusion of instrumentals took the dynamic set to another level before closing the night with powerful track, Painkiller.

  Laurel Canyon were met with cheers and chants from the room and, after it being requested, came back for an encore or California Dreamin’, originally by the Mamas & The Papas, a song they did justice to in their performance.

  Keep up to date with the band here and be sure to catch them live if you have the chance!

Liv x

Photo by Olivia Kenny

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