SHIVA MAY CARE | LOCK 91 | 17/01/19

  Last night Lock 91 was eclectic, offereing four different bands each with a specific feel.
The night started quite late, with a last-minute replacement: the acoustic duo Pearl Divers opened the dances with a range varying from a 4/4 acoustic song to a bossa nova atmosphere. The duo were brave enough to bring some songs that were written in the morning, and the effect was similar to the one you can find at a good open mic night with the people digging into the sound and respectfully silent.
Continuing the night, Static Line, a 3 piece pop punk band from Leigh, brought us back to the late 90s / early 00s with tunes by Green Day and Blink 182. The mix was generally good and the band showed potential but there were some miscommunications and some mistakes overall. Nothing that a bit more of a rehearsal won’t fix.
The headliners Born Rogue played a cool classic rock, well presented and with all the components working harmoniously together to deliver a solid simple sound.
But the real stars of the night were Shiva May Care.
Although the crowd was a bit difficult, everybody really enjoyed the set. The scenic presence was great, all the parts worked well together and the sound was, as the guitarist Federico Cossu likes to describe it: “imagine if Guns’ N’ Roses and The Ramones had a baby”. With just a little touch of metal due to the notes of singer Michael Morris and the drumming style of Luke Thorpe the band is set to do big things in the future. The tunes are catchy and well worked and every piece of the band brings its individuality to the mix. With this little success behind we can only wait for the release of the new single and another night to enjoy their music.

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