The night presented by Sour Grapes Records at Big Hands was simply adorable. The atmosphere was informal and friendly and so were the guys from the label and the staff from the bar.

The show started quite late, almost an hour after the doors, but nobody seemed to mind. The people were comfortable in the sofas of the Big Hands. So comfortable that nothing seemed capable to shake them, not even the homemade punk of The Early Mornings. The three-piece band played its powerful set in a crowded but amazingly quiet place. There was no space to sit down nor intention to do so.

The music felt like the band you listened to with your friends when you’re a teenager, it gave me the same sense of confidence and warmth. It was raw enough, the lyrics were quirky. I found the whole experience sort of calming. Like something you already know and you go back to when you feel low. Also, to add a bit of uniqueness the guitarist and the bassist swapped instruments every couple of songs, both singing. They all looked like they enjoyed playing and that’s always nice to see.

For the headliners the big room was more crowded and more active. There was a tentative of mosh pit that didn’t go through but was perfectly in line with the music. The Cosmics are pure punk and nothing else. Just punk.

The tunes were catchy and uptight, songs like Inishfree and Johnny saw the active participation of the public as many people knew them by heart (I was one of them) so it felt like that was the place to be. Every single detail worked, the result was powerful and the band created my beloved wall of sound with the bass and the drums covering every single gap, the guitar dirty enough but with a sparkly accent.

The whole gig didn’t last too long, I wished I could listen to more tunes but for now we can only appreciate the first of the new monthly appointment at Big Hands. The next Squeeze is around the corner so save the date!

photo by Heba Suarez Fernandez

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