Sly Antics are an electrifying group who brought their blistering set home to Manchester’s Star and Garter this weekend.

  The band fuse riff fueled rock with urban styles and funky baselines, incorporating multiple genres into their powerful music with a roaring vocal. Their set was opened with Motion, a blazing song and an intense start to the set with booming riffs and chant-like vocal.

  Despite missing a member, the group used loops and brought their sound up a level and their set was as fierce as ever. The band incorporated the audience into the performance, encouraging the room to move and sing along. Partway through the set, someone dressed up as a fox, the mascot of the group, got on stage and danced along while throwing gimmicky Christmas gifts into the crowd, creating a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

  Fan favourites, Bin Juice and Lights go Down were also performed before the night was closed with Sunday Fear, a single the band released earlier this year, provoking cheers of enthusiasm from the room who sang and danced along, allowing the music to take over.

  Sly Antics will be appearing in Manchester again on New Year’s Eve at Night People but in the meantime keep up to date here.

Liv X

Photo by Olivia Kenny

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