Young Monarch have a bold sound, using a powerful vocal and atmospheric music to create an intense and ambitious mood within their songs. The band performed at Night and Day Café on Saturday as part of their UK tour, the gig was a homecoming for the group who are based in Manchester and haven’t performed locally for quite a while.

  Their music undoubtedly took over the venue instantly with cinematic sounds, incorporating a classical ambience with mixtures of pop and alternative rock, to create something new and unique but surprisingly beautiful. It just works. The band use a dynamic vocal to front their songs, with melodic harmonies and complimenting synth cords. This is contrasted by low beats, carrying the track forward and acting as a backbone to the music.

  Despite having the same fierce undertones, all of their tracks sound very different to each other, this kept the audience hooked on to the music. Performing popular tracks Genetics and Vacant, one of their earliest songs, the band immersed both themselves and the audience in the music. There was a noticeable enjoyment in the room, nobody was stood still, from either the band or crowd, everyone was letting the music take over.

The group closed the night with their October single Strangers, an explosive track and effective end to the show.

You can listen to the band on Spotify and find out more on Facebook, and listen to their latest single Find Me here.

Read our interview with the band here.

Liv X

Photo by Olivia Kenny

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