KING NO-ONE | THE RITZ | 23/11/2018

  King No-One are a unique band, not only because of their exceptional sound and fiercely powerful stage presence, but because of their work ethic and engagement with their fans and supporters. The band remain unsigned, yet are climbing up the ladder, busking to gain an audience, selling tickets face-to-face and taking every opportunity to interact with the people who show up to their gigs and support their music, being grateful for their success and the people who have caused it.

On Friday, The Ritz was filled with an audience of passionate fans, the venue held a buzz right from the start of the night as the excitement and anticipation of the crowd radiated around the room.

Opening the show were Carnival Club, the audience loved the music and were ready to get involved with the gig, dancing along with the band, who opened the show with a dynamic set. NextGlass Caves brought their rock and roll, with a funk inspired twist to the stage, further infecting the room with enthusiasm as the mood was lifting ready for the headliners.

King No-One hold a special place in my heart, they were the first band I ever watched in an independent venue a good few years ago now. I was about 15, I sneaked in to watch a band they were supporting, and I’ve followed them ever since. From The Deaf Institute to Gorilla, Academy 2 and now, one of my favourite Manchester venues, The Ritz!

The group opened with high-powered riffs, taking over the venue with Milennium, a song packed with intense riffs and pounding beats. The band have an undeniable way of taking over any audience, fuelling the room with energy and immersing the entire venue in the music as everyone danced and sang the songs back to the group.


Not only is their music dynamic, but King No-One didn’t stop moving on stage, becoming fully involved in the set and creating a lively showcase for the crowd. At one point, frontman Zach, was stood on top of a speaker, adding to the high-powered performance.

The band treated the room to songs of their upcoming EP, to be released on March 29. Lemonadewas one of these tracks and another track, Dying Listwas debut to the audience.

After a combination of old favourites, new tracks and future releases the band closet the set with Alcatraz and Antichrist, two of the most loved tracks from the audience who were clinging on to every note played, ending the show with a bang and a confetti cannon.

King No-One have just announced their next tour, which will coincide with their EP Launch, the tour will feature three Manchester dates where they will perform three different sets, at The Deaf Institute, Gorilla and Night People! So be sure to get tickets.

Liv X

Photo by Olivia Kenny

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