Glass Caves have an enticingly irresistible and dynamic sound. The four-piece band, from Pontefract, is built up of Matt Hallas, Connor Thorpe, Elliott Fletcherand Eddie Clayton who take tones from a vast array of genres and compose tracks with aspects from across the board.

 Beginning with their debut album in 2014, Glass Caves had a classically indie tone, fuelled by powerful riffs and anthemic beats. Their music began incorporating electronic and experimental sounds, which have taken the group in a completely new direction now featuring funk and soulful tones. Their sound has developed into something more compelling, with a higher sense of musical maturity in their newer releases.

 Travelling up and down the country, and even in Europe, it would be difficult to find a city where the band haven’t performed, either at a gig or while busking, grabbing the attention of so many passers by and music lovers alike.

 Despite the group’s development and change, they have always had a theatrical and energizing sound, their trademark. Their high-octane music could flood and fill any space, no matter how big, and would effectively overpower any music venue.

 An already impressive catalogue of songs behind them, Glass Caves released new single, Taipei Nights in October. The single is the first of three you can expect to be coming in the near future, the trio of tracks will mark a new era of music for the band and will be supported by a massive UK tour. The band will be performing at Manchester’s Academy 2 where you can find them on 19 February.

 Find out more about their upcoming tour here and listen here.

Liv X

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