Heading home to close their UK tour, Stockport-grown quartet, Kashmere, brought their synth pop anthems to Band on the Wall for a night of well-deserved dancing, from both fans and the group.

  The evening saw support from ambient rock and roll band Gathering of Strangers and The Pinnacles, who opened the gig.

 Kashmere fuse dynamic indie rock with pure synth pop to create their iconic stadium-worthy sound. A sound that took over the much-loved Manchester venue on Saturday and infected the audience, who were singing along with every word and dancing in time with each beat.

  The band opened with last year’s release Porcelain, a perfect singalong track to get everyone moving and immersing the room into the music. The band continued with this year’s Tokyo, incorporating more synth and then Girls– I’m (not so) secretly hoping this is their next release! The band treated the crowd to Anaesthesia, their latest single which was released at the end of last month before ending the set with an encore, playing Tears for Fears’ track, Everybody Wants to Rule The World and fan favourite Hoxton.

  The group have also recently come off a tour of China, which they embarked upon over the summer, as well as a date in Berlin so I’m hoping we will be seeing much more of them next year!

Liv X

Photo by Olivia Kenny

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